“I received a phone call from a local casting agent who said the director of an Audi commercial soon to film in Nola saw me at my regular gig at The Spotted Cat and wanted me and the band in the spot.

There was to be a short story involving actors and dancers and invited me down to watch some auditions, which was cool since I was already cast.

They had us re-record The standard Careless Love at Piety Studios, a very beloved and legendary local studio (now closed and under new owners).

It was produced by production companies from Germany and Amsterdam. Apparently it showed everywhere except the US for 2 years.

I would received emails and cd sales here and there from different parts of the world depending on where it was showing at the time. Not a whole lot, but still–was so neat to get inquiries from the Netherlands, France, Australia and Germany whenever it would play in those countries….

Was a very cool experience overall.” – Miss Sophie Lee